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Best Selling House Plans

Our collection of best-selling house plans offer the top selling designs from our collection. This collection of house plans spans the gamut of all our different styles of homes we create. You will find Modern Farmhouses, Ranch houses, One Story homes and two story homes, to name a few.  And they are all different sizes was well. This is an excellent place to start your house hunting journey. But there is lots more to find, if you are having any trouble finding that special home plan, maybe we can custom design a home just for you?
4 Beds  |  4 Baths  |   2743 Sq. Ft.
Silverbell Ranch Modern Farmhouse from $2,050.00 USD
4 Beds  |  4 Baths  |   2886 Sq. Ft.
Foxtail Farm Modern Farmhouse Plan from $2,050.00 USD
3 Beds  |  3 Baths  |   2570 Sq. Ft.
Misty Falls Farmhouse Plan from $2,050.00 USD
4 Beds  |  3 Baths  |   2528 Sq. Ft.
Breezy Grove Farm House Plan from $2,050.00 USD
3 Beds  |  3 Baths  |   2480 Sq. Ft.
Hidden Hills House Plan from $2,050.00 USD
3 Beds  |  2 Baths  |   2046 Sq. Ft.
Ivory Farm House Plan from $2,050.00 USD
3 Beds  |  2 Baths  |   2125 Sq. Ft.
Beechnut Farm House Plan from $2,050.00 USD

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